OPiS AG is an infrastructure company, privately owned and who we are as a company is the result of strategic choices that we have made. These in turn are based on our mission and our core value; they define what we believe in and how we go about our business.

Our purpose is to build sustainable infrastructure all over the world for the development of the countries and the benefit of the people today and generations to come.

Our mission is supported by our core value: Sustainability. Everything we do should contribute to a more sustainable world. To us, achieving sustainability means simultaneously pursuing efficient, economic performance, environmental quality and social responsibility. In other words, we strive to create value on the three dimensions of People, Planet and Profit simultaneously. OPiS AG sees itself as a full-service provider for the advisory and supervision of international infrastructure projects but not as the general contractor. We support our partners every step of the way, from acquisition, planning and laboratory tests right up to project execution. We feel it particularly important to develop a sustainable culture of knowledge transfer and in doing so, set ourselves far apart from the competition.

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> Project financing

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