At OPiS AG commercialisation not only covers products and services, but also marketing and corporate strategies as well as the transfer of knowledge and skills. In our competitive environment, OPiS AG’s marketing strategy is a fundamental building block for helping our partners to become established on the market.

A sound negotiation strategy is the key to successful negotiations. So as to create a foundation of mutual trust, we at OPiS AG do everything possible to convince decision-makers of our unique overall package. Passing our knowledge and skills onto customers and partners is part of our corporate philosophy and makes OPiS AG attractive to investors as well.

Negotiations with decision-makers

Working together with decision-makers is essential for realising construction projects worldwide. OPiS AG supports you in your negotiations with decision-makers, using its powers of persuasion fairly and honestly so as to pave the way for a successful cooperation.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

OPiS AG is organised so as to enable knowledge and skills to be communicated to local partners during projects on a sustainable and long-term basis. In this way, it can be ensured that local partners take responsibility for working on and completing future projects successfully and more and more independently.

Holdings in regional/local companies

OPiS AG is an ambitious company that operates internationally and shows a great potential for growth. We offer investors attractive options for becoming involved in the local and regional expansion of the OPiS Group.

Marketing (documents/website, etc.)

In order to successfully market products and services, it is very important for companies to employ their marketing operations in the right way so as to become established on the market. OPiS AG supports its local partners in this process, providing them with informative marketing documents such as pictures, brochures, catalogues, product videos, information on past projects, presentations and much more. This website serves as a source of information for stakeholders and prospective customers. It is constantly updated with the latest news and details of successfully completed projects.

Our marketing team is committed to assisting you with your marketing and communication activities.

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