Social commitment

Companies are an important part of our society and have a huge social responsibility for people, animals and the environment. Acting responsibly is the key to successful business. Social commitment is part and parcel of the company's culture and OPiS AG is aware of its obligations in this respect. This not only applies to external projects, but also to the way we treat our employees. Promoting their personal growth and creating a harmonious and constructive working environment is very important to us.

We are more than happy to accept this overarching responsibility and have, for example, been supporting social projects in the countries and regions in which we operate since 1st January 2015.

Please see below for the details of two projects that we support:

Glaserhaus – The Monday Club of the St. Joseph Catholic Parish in Stuttgart-Heslach

The Glaserhaus in Stuttgart-Heslach is an institution of the St. Joseph Catholic Parish and takes care of the homeless.

Homeless people live on the margins of society. The Monday Club gives them the chance to eat together, help one another, work together and share their lives.

Giganica: the "Hoffnungslauf" ("Run of Hope") – a project by Harry Ohlig

Giganica supports children's hospices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with this initiative and project. There are 22,500 terminally ill children in Germany, whose lives will sadly be cut short. In residential children's hospices and as part of outpatient hospice services, the sick children and young people and their families are helped through the difficult process. We sponsor and support Harry Ohlig's activities.

The former nightclub manager would like to raise 1 million euros for outpatient children's hospice services. To achieve this, he is taking a daily run around Lake Constance for an entire year, running a half-marathon each day, i.e. 21 km, 365 days a year – without exception.

You can read more about the "Run of Hope" at:

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