Our NovoCrete® system is simple and flexible to use. At the same time, it offers a variety of solutions to well-known problems encountered when planning and running worksites or implementing infrastructure projects.

1. Poor-quality ground

If the ground is poor, it will often be difficult and require a lot of work in order for the required load-bearing capacity and frost resistance to be permanently achieved. The NovoCrete® system is able to reliably and permanently solidify virtually all soils, even those with organic content.

2. Rutting

Rutting occurs in asphalt when temperatures and traffic levels are high. NovoCrete® creates a base course with both a high load-bearing capacity and sufficient flexibility. In this way, the top layer structure can be reduced and fewer ruts appear in the road.

3. Cracked asphalt

Cracks beneath the asphalt often come through to the surface. This may be down to the poor load-bearing capacity of the road crust and foundation, and results in damage to the road surface coating as well as frost heave. Since superficial rehabilitation of the road surface only serves as a temporary solution,. a base course with NovoCrete® is recommended.

4. Damage to the hard shoulder

The hard shoulder can be considerably affected by high traffic volumes, resulting in potholes, break-up and damage to the actual road. Waterlogging alongside buildings is also a frequent cause of hard shoulder damage. The NovoCrete® system gives hard shoulders a strong and durable water-impermeable base course.

5. Congestion, construction site traffic

Construction work inevitably leads to construction site traffic and obstructions, resulting in congestion and a considerable impact on the environment. These negative effects are substantially reduced by using the NovoCrete® system. Old material does not have to be transported from the site and hardly any new material is needed. In addition to this, there are huge time savings during execution.

6. Time

In today’s world, saving time means saving costs. What’s more, shorter construction periods reduce the strain on people and the environment. By lowering construction time, our NovoCrete® system makes a substantial contribution to the economic and environmental success of our partners.

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