Factors of success

The NovoCrete® technology has been used to implement projects worldwide for many years. During negotiations, we are constantly asked to explain the crucial factors behind the success of our past projects.

Looking back on our experiences, we can name a host of decisive aspects, yet it has always been the combination of these various elements that has led to our success.

Saving of material, time and costs

  • Solidified layer can serve as the road
  • Saving of top layers and coating
  • Saving of base courses
  • Saving of anti-frost layers
  • Saving on soil improvement
  • Landfill charges
  • Use of original material
  • No soil replacement necessary
  • Less transportation of material to and from the site

Investments for the future

    • Fewer ruts and deformations
    • Water impermeable
    • Frost resistant
    • Surface does not absorb water
    • More resistant to flooding
    • Durable strength
    • High load-bearing capacity
    • Solidification possible despite use of organic material

Environmental aspects

    • Recycling of existing asphalt
    • Saving of landfill space
    • Immobilisation
    • Reduction in construction site traffic and congestion
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