The OPiS AG team has more than 30 years' experience, primarily in the development, manufacture, testing, marketing and utilisation of building materials, cement and cement additives.
For some years now, OPiS AG has been focusing on worldwide distribution and the use of cement additives for soil stabilisation.


Over the last few decades, we have been confronted with a variety of new challenges, all of which we have been able to successfully overcome in numerous international earthwork, civil and underground engineering and road construction projects. The most important part of this work was taking the relevant local conditions and requirements for the projects into account each time. With these aspects in mind, we develop successful and better alternatives to conventional building methods together with our partners on site. During this process, we attach particular importance to consultation, from the planning of the project right up to its execution.


When executing and implementing a project, it is particularly important to ensure that the way in which we use our products is tailored precisely to local conditions and requirements. We strongly believe that our attention to these very aspects is highly instrumental to the success of our approach and our products. Through choosing the right equipment and training partner companies locally, as well as performing the associated project monitoring and management tasks, we ensure knowledge is continuously transferred into the local market.


Various payment and financing methods have been established for the international exchange of goods and services. Our internal and external network of banks, financing companies and partners means we have these methods available to us at any time. In fact, many of our partners have already been using these in their transactions with OPiS AG for years. OPiS AG itself also has extensive experience with other financing options. We are happy to discuss these with our partners, and use them to contribute to the success of a project or collaboration.

Holding management

For some years now, OPiS AG has successfully relied on regional partnerships in order to penetrate markets. We set up distribution companies with strong and operational partners carefully selected by us. Investors in the form of holdings, joint ventures or agreements of an exclusive nature also form a key part of our portfolio. The company is always open to strategic discussions in new regions and countries.

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