Headquartered in Schaffhausen in Switzerland, OPiS AG operates and controls the business and its global activities, which has enabled it to build an international group structure in recent years.

Regional holdings and subsidiaries play a vital role in our organisation. Since the requirements for infrastructure projects vary depending on the region (the climate, the political situation, the geology, the culture and the people, etc.), OPiS AG joins forces with local partners, building on their respective past achievements. OPiS AG's implementation of local joint ventures with regional partners and investors therefore provides it with an important foothold in new markets.

Moreover, OPiS AG and its affiliated companies always strive to involve further regional partners in the running of projects. A crucial aspect here is creating and preserving jobs, especially in poorer regions. If we did not have direct contact with the local economy as well as the support of local politics, it would not be possible to penetrate the market in many countries.

OPiS AG is structured so as to enable knowledge and skills to be communicated and transferred to local partners during projects. In this way, it can be ensured that partners take responsibility for working on and completing future projects independently and successfully in order to continue driving forward the Group's expansion internationally. The goal is to find further strong partners and investors in many regions of the world.


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