For many companies, selling goods and services is all that counts. As a result, the most important part, i.e. using the product in the right way, is sometimes neglected. At OPiS AG, we place immense value on ensuring that our products are processed correctly.

With us, you not only purchase a product but an entire system. And we are committed to making sure this system does what it should. We support your project wherever you are in the world, providing advice and assisting you to achieve an optimal outcome.

Do it yourself?

Do you already have the machinery and personnel to best run your site? Then we'll come and support you! OPiS AG assists you anywhere around the globe with its experienced team of specialists, who provide expert answers to all your questions about planning, specifications and execution. With this unique on-site service, we can offer you professionalism and peace of mind when implementing your project.

NovoCrete Systems GmbH

With its professionals and machinery, NovoCrete Systems GmbH ensures that work on your site is organised and carried out in the best possible manner. NovoCrete Systems GmbH organises and operates the machinery and takes charge of execution. To this end, the experts from OPiS and NovoCrete Systems GmbH have put together a unique comprehensive package, which covers everything from the planning to the completion of the site.

Take advantage of our package solution. "Better service means better quality."

Goal for the future

An essential part of OPiS AG’s corporate strategy is the transfer of knowledge and expertise to local and regional partners.

The idea of giving and taking plays a fundamental role in this strategy and allows mutual trust to be strengthened at the same time.

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