Savings potential

In today’s competitive environment, construction measures must be planned very precisely by companies if they are to stand a chance of receiving orders. As well as a tight schedule, many projects also have to keep within a strict budget,

meaning providers often have to adapt their costs quickly and drastically to project specifications. Even if this is not the case, the contracting bodies and authorities themselves have a tight budget for the planning and execution of their projects.

Clear savings potential can be seen when comparing conventional methods with the NovoCrete® method. On top of this, the technique increases quality and sustainability. Many cost drivers, such as soil replacement, transportation, landfill charges, construction time, etc., are partly or completely eliminated by the NovoCrete® method.

Conventional method compared with the NovoCrete® method

The chart above shows the savings potential demonstrated using the example of road rehabilitation. The considerable economic pressure on all those involved in the project often affects the quality.

You can benefit from high-quality work and cost advantages if the NovoCrete® system and our expert support are part of your project from the start.

Time and cost savings

+ No excavation
+ No soil replacement
+ No supply and removal logistics
+ No need to buy in materials for
base courses and anti-frost layers
+ Reduced processing depth
+ Working in of old top layers
+ No anti-capillary layers
+ Possibility of avoiding deep foundations
+ Simultaneous immobilisation possible

+ No settlement periods
+ Thin top layers
+ Asphalt coating can be applied
after just 24 hours
+ Top layer not absolutely essential
+ Virtually maintenance free
+ Saving of landfill space
+ Conservation of resources
+ Fewer transportation requirements

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