Soil stabilisation using cement is a tried-and-tested method, which has an increasing commercial significance and has always been underpinned by investigations, rules, standards and, above all, experience.

The development of the cement additive NovoCrete® has allowed us to give this method an innovative push over the last few years.

As well as conserving resources, this method's improved performance and increased cost savings offer many extra advantages compared with conventional techniques. Typical problem areas, such as poor-quality ground, increased loading, time pressure and a lack of sustainability to name just a few, can be permanently resolved by using NovoCrete®.

Our system is suitable for virtually all infrastructure projects where earthwork or roadworks need to be carried out, ranging from the construction of roads, lanes and railway lines to surfaces, harbours, storage spaces and tunnels, etc. Our past projects are proof of just how varied our areas of application are and demonstrate our experience of using the NovoCrete® system in practice.

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