Advance payments and letters of credit are the usual terms of payment found in international contracts for goods and services. And this is no different at OPiS AG. We offer you a vast choice of payment and financing options that are individually tailored to our joint project.

We are more than happy to help you find the best way of financing your investment project. The international community and banks offer a variety of financing models for the export industry. It is not only our joint projects in developing and emerging countries that benefit from this, but also our activities in industrial nations. Together, they support the development of workable conditions and of an equally viable economic and social infrastructure in your region.

Possible financing models:

Letters of credit

> Letters of credit are a popular method in the international trade of goods and services.

In addition to the customary letters of credit, special forms are available. These can, for example, considerably extend the terms of payment or enable payments to be made in the respective national currency. Through our banks, we have access to competent and experienced partners for finding the right financing solutions in this area.

Bank guarantees

> Bank guarantees are a fairly rare method.

Unlike letters of credit, guarantees are not instruments of payment but rather hedging instruments. Handling guarantees in international trade is a complex process and less suitable for extended terms of payment.

Export financing

> Export financing is one of the oldest financing models for the medium or long-term financing of export activities.

Our joint projects can be funded on a long-term basis with this form of financing. We work together with experienced and competent partners from the export industry, who answer any questions we have about state-financed export credit.


> Financing joint projects is often a source of problems for both you and us.

However, there are several funding programmes available that may be suitable for our projects. For example, the European Union offers various support options.


> Our international network gives us direct contact with various investors.

We work with our investors as much for the purpose of financing projects, as for involving them in local joint ventures with a view to expanding distribution operations.

With this unique range of payment terms and financing options, OPiS AG offers its partners an outstanding service, making us stand out from our competitors.

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