Study confirms long service life of NovoCrete®

In 2006, a road construction project was completed in Unterlunkhofen, Switzerland. The latest tests performed on the road after eight years show it to be exceedingly sound and durable thanks to the base course which was solidified using NovoCrete®.

The service life of a hydraulically solidified layer depends on:
- Material-related parameters as well as frost and water resistance
- Dimensions, especially in terms of the layer thicknesses and the load-bearing capacity of the subgrade
- Strain resulting from traffic loads and the climate
With conventional solidification (e.g. using cement), the service life is positively influenced by high strengths, thick layers and a high load-bearing capacity of the subgrade. Meanwhile, surface water penetration (e.g. in the case of continuous cracks in the asphalt covering) and frost cause local losses in strength, reducing the service life.
This project highlights yet more advantages of the NovoCrete® method, as in addition to being extremely strong, the base course is very resilient. This means that the design of the road structure can be geared to the system and the requirements. Savings on layer thickness can be made and, thanks to the minimisation of cracking, the service life considerably increased.

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