NovoCrete® Green Facts

Green Facts

1 | CO2 saving

Less environmental impact due to
significant reduction of

> transportation of equipment
> transportation of material
> use of machinery (working hours)
> general traffic (deviations and traffic jams)

4 | Immobilization

The process of the soil stabilization

> immobilizes hazardous substances

> makes contaminated soils usable

2 | 100 % recyclable

Use of

> purely mineral

> nontoxic

> not harmful components

5 | Groundwater protection

Active protection due to

> impermeable, leak-proof surfaces

> compliance with the boundary values
of the Drinking Water Ordinance
(TrinkWV – German Regulation)

3 | Saving of material

Reduction of new layers and processing
of existing material such as

> old, existing asphalt layers

> old, existing base layers

> in-situ soil material
instead of applying natural resources

6 | Sustainability
Quality intensification compared to
conventional construction methods by

> resistant and durable results

> significantly reduced maintenance costs

> reduced thickness of the layers
compared to conventional methods

> saving of landfill sites

> reduction of waste disposal expenses

> protection of resources

> capability for complete dismantling
of stabilized layers

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